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Subfloor Renovation Without Demolition

Schonox provides products that allow you to capitalize on your existing subfloor using solutions specialized to your specific needs.
There is a Schonox product that will strengthen, smooth, cover, level, patch and yes even heal your subfloor.

The Challenges of Ordinary Gypsum Substrate

Ordinary gypsum substrate has its place in construction, but its subfloor challenges during renovation projects are legendary.

Schonox Self Leveling

Pouring over ordinary substrate with the right Schonox self leveling compound is a quicker, less costly solution than demolition.


No Need to Remove Old Asbestos

Removing asbestos is a specialized skill that many renovation budgets cannot handle. With Schonox Self Leveling don't remove it - cover it. And get a smoother floor installation in the process

Don't Remove Old Carpet Glue

You've probably asked yourself how the carpet was ever removed with that much glue underneath. Then you ask how you'll ever get the adhesive removed. Use Schonox Self Leveling to cover it. Schonox self leveler gives you a like new subfloor for your new installation. 

Eliminate the Need for Costly Underlayment

LVT, vinyl, and tile floors can be installed over wood.  A combination of schonox products makes this a strong and efficient option without costly underlayment materials.

Underlayment Solutions

Throughout the project Ward was extremely professional in how he managed and responded to a demanding client with shifting needs. Ward was always quick to respond to any communication (including impromptu meeting invites!) and he and his team executed flawlessly while also working to solve any problems that arose during the project.”

~ Project Manager, Jones Lang Lasalle, Bank of America Account

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